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Bird Eggs & The Egg Game

Bird eggs come in unlimited colors, shapes, and sizes.  From birds living today the smallest egg is from the Vervain Humming bird, about the size of a pea, and the largest egg is from the ostrich.  The largest known egg, about 15 times the size of an ostrich egg, was from the extinct Elephant Bird Aepyornis maximus.  Bird eggs have been admired for their beauty through out history.  In the 18th century the wealthy would display valuable egg collections.  Early naturalist collected eggs for scientific study.  This study allow us to learn about the relationships and evolution of birds.  From these studies we also learn about things like the affects of pesticides on bird populations.  Below the egg game is an illustration of eggs by Adolphe Millot from Nouveau Larousse [1897-1904], which shows the wide diversity of eggs..  

Your browser must have flash support to see the game.

How to play

The object is to move the egg up to the top nest.

1.  click on the start button in bottom right corner.

2. To move the egg up click anywhere in the game screen.

3.  Turn on your sound if you want to hear noises.

To stop or start over click on the refresh button below.


Click to see our Egg posters

1 honey buzzard
2 falcon
3 Eurasian sparrow-hawk
4 blackbird
5 thrush
6 rook
7 corn bunting
8 hawfinch (or perhaps another grosbeak?)
9 sparrow
10 chaffinch (or other finch?)
11 pipit
12 reed bunting
13 cuckoo
14 hummingbird
15 crossbill
16 wren
17 nuthatch
18 nightingale
19 Kinglet (Goldcrest?)
20 accentor
21 bunting
22 reed warbler
23 sedge warbler (or other Acrocephalus?)
24 warbler 
25 tit 
26 tree warbler
27 waxwing
28 oriole
29 jacana
30 grouse 
31 lagopus
32 pheasant
33 partridge
34 quail
35 avocet
36 spotted redshank
37 dotterel
38 plover
39 lapwing 
40 green sandpiper
41 tern 
42 common tern
43 tern (??)
44 seagull
45 loon
46 guillemot
47 great auk
48 & 49 puffin
50 grebe
51 Emydidae 
52 Norvegicus brown rat (??)
53 & 54 catshark (Scyliorhinus) (mermaids' purses)
55 shark (?)
56 chimaera
57 lamprey
58 cuttlefish
59 Arctia
60 Geometer moth (especially genera Idaea & Scopula)
61 Geometer moth genus Nemoria
62 Colias butterfly
63 Diloba butterfly
64 Lasiommata megera
65 Cyclopides butterfly genus (?)
66 Laphygma moth genus
67 Acosmetia moth genus
68 Ennemos moth genus
69 Attacus genus of butterfly
70 Limenitis genus of butterfly
71 Bryophila moth genus (??)
72Catarhoe moth genus (??)

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