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Bird Puzzles

Bird Jig-Puzzles are fun puzzles that you build on your computer by moving the pieces with your mouse.

Pick your puzzle from the pictures shown below.  For a better idea of how they work and look click here.

To download your free puzzle click on the link below the one you want.

NOTE: If you have trouble downloading, or if you get a puzzle that will not run please read the note below.

There will be more puzzles in the future so check back.  

Baltimore Oriole
Bullock's Oriole
photo by Dave Menke U.S. Wildlife
Size is 330 kb

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker
Photo by Keith Lee 
Taken with Canon rebel digital camera
Size of file is 336 kb

Indigo Bunting
Indigo Bunting
photo by Dave Menke U.S. Wildlife
Size is 301 kb

Mountain Bluebird
Mountain Bluebird
Photo by Dave Menke U.S. Wildlife
Size is 303 kb

Northern Cardinal
Northern Cardinal
Photo by Hollingsworth U.S. Wildlife
Size is 300 kb

Northern Cardinal
Northern Cardinal
Size is 316 kb

Northern Flicker
Photo by Dave Menke U.S. Wildlife
Size is 336 Kb

Red-breasted Nuthatch
Photo by Dave Menke U.S. Wildlife
Size is 321 kb

Rock Dove
Rock Dove
Photo by Lee Karney U.S. Wildlife
Size is 308 kb

Mourning doves
Doves in Pot
Photo by Gary Friedman
Size is 321 kb
For the story of these doves
visit the photographers site.

bird puzzle
Never Give Up !
Size is 309 kb

Read Me if your puzzle does not run.

The size of the file you are downloading is below each image.  Sometimes you may only get a partial download to your computer.  If that happens you will see one of three things.

  • When you try to run the puzzle it says it is corrupt.
  • When you try to open the puzzle nothing happens.
  • When you try to run the puzzle it says it is not a valid 32 bit program.

These all mean you did not get the complete file.  If this happens here is the best way to download the file.

Click on the download link with your right mouse button. Now click on Save Target As. This will let you save the file to a folder on your computer. You should be able to get the full file this way.

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